Meet prrfect parties

Sandy Hooks
Sandy Hooks has always been passionate about event planning. With over 13 years of experience she has mastered different stratagies with ideas which has made her a succesful event planner in Atlanta . "I saw the stress that my clients went through and wanted so badly to help them. I knew I could help them bring their dreams to life." With a Bachelors's degree in Project Mangement, Sandy founded Prrfect Parties knowing that she was dedicated and qualified to plan any event. She wanted to focus her energy primarily on creating the Prrfect atmosphere for anyone's special occasion. Sandy is always determined to best serve the interests of her clients. Sandy has a wonderful talent for converting the plain to fabulous and she has a natural talent for attention to detail and providing that special magic to each and every event. Sandy has successfully decorated all events from weddings to small intimate dinners for two. Her expertise is invaluable and irreplaceable. From the most spectacular to the most simple, Sandy has earned a reputation in Atlanta as the smart choice for anyone wanting to create a magical event.
April Hughes’s
April Hughes’s passion for events particular baby showers in general started way before she grasped the ideal or title of an event planner. Coincidently the passion to create events and adding unique touches to friends and family’s BIG DAY came as second nature to her. Back in 2001 she couldn’t but help herself from planning and taking over her own baby shower and since then she found herself planning and entertaining other people events. Her enthusiastic and charisma reflects in the events she touches. She believes whole heartedly that your gifts make room for you and the gift of event planning allowed the opportunity of event planning to bloom full circle. Her spark to create unique and custom ideals to any event is the highlight of her talent. Her long standing expertise in the entertainment and hosting aspect of events is sure to the wow the memories of Prrfect Party clients. As founder of Prrfect Parties she ensures to continue to raise the bar when it comes to the creation of events.